Dairy Sanitation and Safety in the U.S.

As Canadian food processing companies consider U.S. expansion, the added element of understanding U.S. food regulations and training new employees on the proper handling of food products and good manufacturing practices could be overwhelming. When you start hiring key top level employees you may find a great warehouse supervisor, but what if they don’t have a food processing background? The reality is that your top candidate might not have that industry-specific training.

The Food Processing and Development Laboratory (Pilot Plant)

The Food Processing and Development Laboratory (Pilot Plant)

Cornell University Department of Food Science has one of the premier food science programs in the nation; they apply the principles of science and engineering to ensure the nutritional value, safety and quality of foods in the U.S. and around the globe. Located in nearby Ithaca NY, Cornell’s food processing development resources provide cutting edge research and support to New York State’s (NYS) food industry. They have facilities and expertise to support product development.

On Cornell’s campus there is a 8,500 square foot food pilot plant that contains product development, sensory evaluation and select lab services. Cornell offers opportunities for industry partnerships with their facilities, staff and various workshops. The Department of Food Science offers food industry resources with over 20 different pieces of processing equipment. Their food processing development laboratory allows for research and product development trials, small batch production, environmental rooms, and sensory trials. They also have a new 13,000 square foot dairy processing plant that supports teaching, research and extension activities.

Cornell also offers a 3-day certificate course in Basic Dairy Sanitation and Safety. This course includes topics like food safety overview, basic dairy microbiology, milk composition and unit processing operations, good manufacturing practices, dairy sanitation, dairy regulations, and food safety modernization act. These topics would be ideal for plant managers, supervisors, and operations staff. Customized training opportunities exist in good manufacturing practices, HAACP and basic food safety, and quality food production. Additional courses are available in Fluid Milk Processing for Quality and Safety Certificate, Yogurt and Fermented Dairy Products, Cheese and Cheese Products. Additional resources are available such as regulatory contracts (NYS Ag and Markets, FDA, and USDA), industry partners, and association partnerships.

For more information on Cornell’s programs please contact: Janene Lucia jgg3@cornell.edu (607) 255-2892.

Visit http://www.cals.dairy.cornell.edu or http://foodscience.cornell.edu/FPDL


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