BNE Looks Back at 2012

Matthew Hubacher, Research Specialist, Buffalo Niagara Enterprise

As we approach the end of another successful year here at Buffalo Niagara Enterprise, it is important to look back at the year’s activity to take account of what we accomplished in 2012 and forecast where we are headed in 2013.

Taken together, the eight project wins thus far in 2012 have an anticipated investment of over $260,000,000 with nearly 450 new and retained jobs pledged.  The eight wins spanned four of BNE’s target industries (Advanced Manufacturing, Advanced Business Services, Agribusiness, and Logistics/Distribution) and all were international companies (seven from Canada, one from Europe).  You can view all of BNE’s wins, either by year or target industry, at our Project Wins page.

In terms of overall activity in 2012, Buffalo Niagara Enterprise worked with companies in each of our seven target industries: Advanced Business Services, Advanced Manufacturing, Agribusiness, Cleantech, Life Sciences, Logistics/Distribution and Tourism.  We experienced the most activity among Advanced Manufacturing opportunities (42%), followed by those in Advanced Business Services (27%).  Over 40% of new opportunities in 2012 were with companies located outside of the United States.  Given our strategic location as a bi-national region, the majority of international companies BNE works with are Canadian, but our region also attracted interest from companies based in Europe, Asia, and Australia.

We continuously strive to make Buffalo Niagara a better place to live, work, and raise a family.  Looking ahead to 2013, we expect to continue our strong performance within each of the industry sectors we target for business expansion and relocation projects and remain a premier region for foreign direct investment.

About Matthew Hubacher

Research Specialist Buffalo Niagara Enterprise

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