You don’t have to come home just for the holidays…

66-page Buffalo Niagara relocation guide

by Matthew Hubacher, ResearchSpecialistLike many of my generation, I moved away from Western New York shortly after completing my undergraduate studies in order to begin my career and pursue a graduate degree.  After five years living and working in Washington, DC, I made the decision to return home to Buffalo Niagara to be close to family and friends.  I know first-hand the myriad of factors involved in a plan to relocate and the decisions one must make before committing to a final judgment.

Beyond seemingly straight-forward, but oftentimes complex, decisions such as “Where will I live?” and “How do I find a job?” several other critical factors influence one’s decision to relocate.  Family, education, cost-of-living, transportation, health care, and quality of life considerations are often difficult to decipher because information on these critical topics are scattered, scarce, or both.

To assist Buffalo Niagara expatriates – as well as those who have not yet called our region home – move to Western New York, Buffalo Niagara Enterprise compiled a Relocation Guide to assist those researching relocation to the area. The guide, available in both print and online editions, is a comprehensive informational resource that answers many questions that arise throughout the many phases of the relocation process.  The guide details the many reasons why Buffalo Niagara is “Where Life Works” by presenting data in three major sections: “Where” (community overviews, real estate, education), “Life” (cultural attractions, transportation, health care), and “Works” (employment resources).

I know from my experience as a returning Buffalo expat that Buffalo Niagara is a great place to live, work, and raise a family.  It is my sincere hope that those who are considering moving to Buffalo Niagara find the Buffalo Niagara Relocation Guide a detailed roadmap that helps them navigate their relocation journey.

About Matthew Hubacher

Research Specialist Buffalo Niagara Enterprise

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