Facility Tour of New Buffalo Company, Kingswood Millwork

Kingswood Millwork, BNE win from last year, is up and running in their new facility on Buffalo’s east side.  The company specializes in historic building restoration projects, specifically for windows and doors.  The Buffalo team is busy working on a project for a building in Manhattan’s Financial District that has them replacing all the building’s windows. 
I had the opportunity to tour their new facility on Lovejoy Street recently and I found that it was much different than when I took them through the building for the first time back in November of 2010.  Just over two years later, the building is not only clean and with newly built out office space, but is abuzz with work!  Owners Alan and Randy Cheynowski have already hired two people and are currently looking to fill a third position.  With so many potential projects right here in historic Buffalo, the brothers are optimistic that they will have a full slate of projects for years to come.  We welcome Kingswood Millwork to Buffalo and congratulate them on getting up and running so smoothly! 
Business Development Manager Carolyn Powell with Kingswood Millwork co-owner Randy Cheynowski in front of their Lovejoy Street facility
Business Development Manager

About Carolyn Powell

Business Development Manager Buffalo Niagara Enterprise

One thought on “Facility Tour of New Buffalo Company, Kingswood Millwork

  1. I love millwork furnishings from Kingswood. Their work is very fine and detailed and the price is just right. I heard this from my sister when I saw her beautiful cabinet in the kitchen and bathroom.

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