Connecting with your audience and leaving a lasting impression.

I attended two interesting events this week centering on what works (and what doesn’t) in marketing. 

A seminar on Monday evening (presented by Buffalo Niagara 360, UB School of Management, Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership, Block Club Creative, Buffalo Niagara Partnership, KeyBank and Lancaster Area Chamber of Commerce) addressed how to promote your business through new media platforms and generate results.  Patrick Finan from Block Club Creative lead the discussion, stressing that a business’s presence on facebook/twitter/tumblr/youtube/etc. needs to be for a reason.  Why should a customer “like” your page or follow your blog?  What are they going to get out of the experience?  Two main goals should help answer this question.  One, nurturing current relationships though new media can strengthen your reputation and customer loyalty.  Two, posts from a business can educate and enlighten the followers.  Becoming a thought leader spreads the message of what your company is good at and what interests you.  Chances are your customers are interested in the same subjects.  Patrick referenced a TED talk by Simon Sinek, explaining The Power of Why.  It is an excellent explanation of how important it is to answer the question “why?”


The latest additions to my awesomely-designed-business-card collection.

On Wednesday, the Advertising Club of Buffalo hosted Aaron Keller from the Minneapolis-based firm Capsule.  Aaron dissected the elements of what makes good design a.k.a. “swank” (and bad, or “jank”), providing a lot of excellent examples.  He talked about the impact of color and how a construction company (whose equipment is painted the same hue as Tiffany’s signature blue) broke out of the traditional palette and made it work.  The name of a company is also infinitely important, where the more distinctive is usually more memorable (such as branding consultancy Wearable Goods changing it’s name to Mosquito).  Sometimes everything surrounding a brand, (logo, packaging, advertisements, etc.) becomes powerful enough to change the public’s preconceived notions about a product (such as SmartWool’s success at convincing people that wool doesn’t have to be itchy).  The question of “What is Good Design” isn’t answered easily.  Why was it designed and whether or not it accomplishes it’s purpose is a good place to start.


For more tips on how to use new media effectively and examples of good design, visit:
Block Club Creative’s blog:
Capsule’s blog:

Buffalo News article about the Advertising Club of Buffalo’s event:

Alyssa Crick, Graphic Designer
Buffalo Niagara Enterprise

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