City Living – Buffalo, NY

Last week WGRZ reported on the results from a study released (see also USA Today) conducted by the “CEO’s for Cities”   group showing a 27 percent increase for the city of Buffalo when it comes to younger people living within city limits. The study indicated that in the aggregate, in the nation’s largest metro areas, the number of young adults with a four year degree living in close-in neighborhoods increased 26 percent since 2000. Western New York also touts a growing pool of high-tech professionals.  According to the Cybercities 2010 report, the area is now the fourth fastest-growing high-tech corridor in the nation.  In a major departure from its industrial past, 43 out of 1,000 private sector workers in the Buffalo region are employed by high-tech firms.

Buffalo’s trends are promising and speak to the foresight and vision of local developers willing to invest in high quality living opportunities for our regions’ college graduates and capitalize on opportunities from local business growth in area such as the medical campus and Larkin District. Buffalo Niagara is home to over 20 colleges and universities producing more than 25,000 graduates a year, many coming from emerging programs dedicated to high-tech fields.

Many Business prospects, especially those from hi-tech industries, considering expansion to the Buffalo Niagara region are often interested in city living. Click here to download a map our team just completed for showcasing new and proposed living space in the City of Buffalo – take a look at the beautiful and premier locations being redeveloped and reenergized in our region. For more information, Buffalo Place also has a great list downtown apartments and condo locations.

– David Griggs, Business Development


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